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Physicalscience4ever may2017

Physicalscience4ever may2017

File:Animated rainbow rule revers.gif
File:Animated rainbow rule revers.gif
MAY 2017
This book is meant for class X students in AP & TS.

In this we have given CCE Notes with full explanations of questions given in the lesson. They are very useful to understand clear concept. We also give all type of examples and applications at related topics so as to learn crystal  clearly about that concept. 

We give one Project and one Lab Activity in the given syllabus, explain a DIY project/experiment for doing the students at their home to enjoy the learning, include some CCE Model Questions, CCE Bits that are given previously in examinations for understanding the question pattern, publish a special article “Bermuda triangle” as a mystery of science, give amind map for better learning, give a cross word to test the students their own, give a Made Easy Concept to learn easy, give see it… do it…  for a special concept understanding.

We request the book readers please take the print out of the pages containing mind map and paste them one on the other to form a complete mind map.

        For download Physicalscience 4 ever  May2017 issue click on below link

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