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3.Alphabet, Words, Sentences, Subject, Verb, Object

BOOK-3: Alphabet, Words, Sentences, Subject, Verb, Object
This book is prepared and published by Mr. Ramu from Adoni , Kurnool (Dist), A.P.
His Books and Videos are prepared purely for the Telugu Medium based students.
His main intention is to make the illiterates at least to write and read.
Finally his main ambition is to improve at least somebody who are suffering from English.
Contact Ramu sir: 9390495239

➤subject–verb–object (SVO) is a sentence structure where the subject comes first, the verb second, and the object third. Languages may be classified according to the dominant sequence of these elements in unmarked sentences (i.e. sentences in which an unusual word order is not used for emphasis). The label is often used for ergative languages which do not have subjects, but have an agent–verb–object order.SVO is the second most common order by number of known languages, after SOV. Together, SVO and SOV account for more than 75% of the world's languages.

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