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4.Parts of Speech, Nouns, Kinds of Nouns, Numbers, Genders

BOOK4Parts of Speech, Nouns , Kinds of Nouns, Numbers, Genders
This book is prepared and published by Mr. Ramu from Adoni , Kurnool (Dist), A.P.
His Books and Videos are prepared purely for the Telugu Medium based students.
His main intention is to make the illiterates atleast to write and read.
Finally his main ambition is to improve atleast somebody who are suffering from English.
Contact Ramu sir: 9390495239

➥A noun represents a person, place, thing, or idea. Nouns are used in sentences in two different ways: as subjects (performers of action), or objects (receivers of action).The word comes from the Latin "nomen," meaning "name." Word classes like nouns were first described by the Sanskrit grammarian Pāṇini and ancient Greeks like Dionysios Thrax, and were defined in terms of their morphological properties. For example, in Ancient Greek, nouns inflect for grammatical case, such as dative or accusative.What is Noun? A noun is a kind of word that is usually the name of something such as a person,place,thing,quality or idea.

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