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The Tasty Flavour of Mathematics-Geometry

The Tasty Flavour of Mathematics(Geometry) book is written by R.Hara Gopal, SA Maths ,  Kurnool Dt. 

‘The real taste of mathematics lies in Geometry only’. Every mathematics lover will agree with this, but unfortunately the younger generations are not ready to have this taste as they are running behind the ranks and marks. The sad thing is that even the current curriculum of mathematics is also not allowing them to do so. Geometry is only the branch of mathematics where the students have to work logically rather than applying mechanical formulae and calculations as in the other branches of mathematics. In this book author tried to introduce the ‘flavour of mathematics’ to the younger generations. He divided all the problems in this book into 3 levels i.e. basic level, mid level and high level and He put the solutions to each problem in a simple and systematic way.
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