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1.Writing English

BOOK-1: Writing-English (Very Basic Level) For Spelling Mistaking Students
This book is prepared and published by Mr. Ramu from Adoni , Kurnool (Dist), A.P.
His Books and Videos are prepared purely for the Telugu Medium based students.
His main intention is to make the illiterates atleast to write and read.
Finally his main ambition is to improve atleast somebody who are suffering from English.
For more details ...Contact Ramu Sir : 9390495239

➤Many people experience problems with English language spelling.There are many different types of exercises can improve English spelling and the basic one, but effective would be reading a lot of books in English. It will help but may take a longer time to get accomplished.English spelling is notoriously difficult to master for native speakers and language learners alike. Because English developed from several different language families, and because it so easily absorbs new words from other languages even today, the English language has many different ways to spell the same sound and many different ways to pronounce the same spelling. But improving your English spelling is not impossible: with some patience, you will see a noticeable improvement in your spelling by using some techniques that good spellers use.

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  1. Can you please help me. How to prepare and write descriptive writing (essay & letter)?


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