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Formative assessment can be interpreted as assessment for learning and assessment as learning which are distinct from summative assessment of learning. There are four tools in formative assessment.
1. Read and Reflect
Reading is one of the major inputs for language development. If we do not go for some kind of focused interventions to facilitate reading skills, students will be reading their textbooks only. (Earlier, it so happened that students did not read even the text books, but depended upon question banks). 
 2. Written Works
The written works include the discourses written individually as part of classroom process, the answers to the analytical questions assigned to the learners as home task, the textual exercises such as vocabulary, grammar and study skills. Teachers have to ensure that children are writing individually and not by copying from others. TS, 

 3. Project Work
Every unit contains a project work to be carried out by the students; every student should carry out one project for one formative. No need to carry out all the projects given in the textbook. 
4. Slip Tests
Slip test is more or less similar to summative assessment but it is still different in terms of the following:
     There is no prior notice for conducting the slip test.
     It is done in a limited time (say, in a regular period of about 40 minutes).
     There are only limited numbers of tasks.
     The discourses that have been done in the formative period are considered for slip test.
There is no printed question paper. The teacher can write the tasks on a chart and display it or write the questions on the BB.

సూచన/హెచ్చరిక: ఈ వెబ్సైట్లోని మోడల్ పేపర్స్ లేదా ఇతర సమాచారాన్ని ఇతర వెబ్ సైట్ వారు కాపీ చేసి వారి వెబ్ సైట్ పేరుతో వాటర్ మార్క్ వేసి ఉంచరాదు. వీటిని డౌన్లోడ్ చేసి సామాజిక మాధ్యమాలలో పోస్ట్ చేయరాదు.
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