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10th class Physical science : A complete book of Formative Assessment-3 : FA Info, Lab activities, projectwork, sliptest By K.V.Ramana & G.V.Rama Prasad
➥It is used by the teacher to continuous observe children's progress in a non-formal way and in supportive environment. It gives regular descriptive feedback, rather than marks and grades, which give a chance for the students to reflect on their performance, take advice and improve upon it.
For class 10 formative assessments have to evaluate through four measures.
1) Lab Activities (10 marks)
2) Written works ( 10 marks)
3) Project works (10 marks)
4) Slip test (20 marks)
Teacher should conduct the above four tools for every formative assessment.
1. Syllabus for FA 3
For 10th Class Formative Assessment Syllabus as follows.
1) Refraction of light at curved surfaces – Unit: 6
2) Huan Eye and colourful world – Unit: 7
3) Structure of atom – Unit: 8
4) Classification of elements – periodic table _ Unit: 9
5) Chemical Bonding _ Unit: 10
➤Students should read thoroughly Refraction of light at curved surfaces (Unit 6),Human eye and colourful world (Unit 7), Structure of atom (Unit 8), Classification of elements-periodic table (Unit 9) and Chemical bonding (Unit 10). They must read the complete lesson and try to understand deeply, the concepts in each lesson. They observe the figures given in the text book and ask himself some questions about figures for easy answering CCE model questions
2. Lab Activities for 10 marks
In Formative Assessment Lab Activity is an important tool. Student should participate in lab activity to perform activities which are mentioned in the text book under the title of Lab Activity. Teacher should access student in Participate in Lab Activities (Experiments) and Lab Record. Teacher should observe students when they are working individually, in groups, how they select and arrange apparatus, observations and recordings. Student should write their lab record. Lab record is 200 pages notebook and is helpful for the student to observe how they did the experiment. 6 marks are awarded for this lab record and 4 marks for performance.
Items in Lab Record:
Aim : It explains why we perform the experiment.
Apparatus : Here we should mention required apparatus and materials, chemicals.
Precautions : We should mentioned the precautions that must fallow while performing experiment.
Procedures : Here we should write the process.
Reporting : We should report our observations in the form of table, flowchart etc.
Result analysis: Analyze the above data.
Generalization: We come to certain conclusion based on the experiments.
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