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10th class social slogans

SSC SOCIAL STUDIES SLOGANS-  రచన & సంకలనం: డి. వెంకటేశ్ గారు
Slogans in X class is Prepared by Deekshitula Vaniprabha Madam , East godavari.

This material contains... Slogans to increase employment opportunities, Slogans on global warming, Water conservation, Consequences of population growth, Impacts of globalization , Slogans on food security ,ON ENVIRONMENT, ON PATRIOTISM , SOCIAL MOMENTS , GIRL CHILD EDUCATION , SLOGANS ON ELECTIONS AND RIGHT TO VOTE , PREVENTION OF WARS , 2nd lesson-Important data

Groups of students will be assigned a specific group to represent and create their own slogans and symbols that best represent those groups.It is the process of achieving knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits. People need to get high level awareness about the importance of knowledge more than before. We have provided below some inspirational and motivational slogans on social using which you can motivate and encourage people towards education. You can also use following education slogans during any related event or campaign celebration to motivate people and students about education as well as let them know about importance and value of knowledge

Download....10th class social slogans Type 3(TM &EM)
Download.....The National and International People-Slogans
Download....10th class social slogans Type 2
Download....10th class social slogans Type 1 (TM)
Download....10th class social slogans Type 1 (EM)
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