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Learning Outcomes posters / modules

Learning Outcomes posters / modules

➤The National Policy on Education 1986, and the Programme of Action 1992 emphasised that Minimum Levels of Learning (MLLs) should be laid down and children’s learning should periodically be assessed to keep a track of their progress towards ensuring that “all children acquire at least the minimum levels of learning”.
Learning Outcomes are assessment standards indicating the expected levels of learning that children should achieve for that class. These outcomes can be used as check points to assess learning at different points of time. The learning outcomes would help teachers to understand the learning levels of children in their respective classes individually as well as collectively. Learning outcomes should be the point of reference for conducting achievement surveys. Hence it is necessary that the defined Learning Outcomes are also shared with parents and community at large.

➤It has now been proposed to include the defined Learning Outcomes in the Central Rules of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009. These Rules will be applicable to all schools including government, aided and private schools.

➤The NCERT has developed Draft Learning Outcomes for each class in Languages (Hindi, English and Urdu), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science and Social Science up to the Elementary stage. Care has been taken to develop the outcomes following consultations with States, UTs, SCERTs and education experts from organizations including civil society organizations. The Learning Outcomes developed by NCERT are the minimum levels of learning to facilitate the monitoring of students against expected benchmarks.

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9I - VIII Learning Out comes
LOC-Posters Final
Primary Level-Class 1
10Maths - I
11English - I
12Telugu - I
Primary Level-Class 2
13Maths - II
14English- II
15Telugu - II
Primary Level-Class 3
16Maths - III
17English - III
19Telugu - III
Primary Level-Class 4
20Maths - IV
21English - IV
22EVS - IV
23Telugu - IV
Primary Level-Class 5
24Maths - V
25English - V
26EVS - V
27Telugu - V
High Level-Class 6
28Hindi - VI
29English - VI
30Maths - VI
31Science - VI
32Social - VI
33Telugu - VI
High Level-Class 7
34Hindi - VII
35English - VII
36Maths - VII
37Science -VII
38Social - VII
39Telugu -VII
High Level-Class 8
40Hindi - VIII
41English - VIII
42Maths - VIII
43Science -VIII
44Social - VIII
45Telugu -VIII
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