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co-curricular activities

"Co-Curricular activities" book prepared by P. Manohar Naidu , Chittoor (DT)

Types of Co- Curricular activities:
Physical Development activities, Civic Development activities, Literacy activities, Social Welfare activities, Leisure time activities
Need of co- curricular activities:
At most need to fulfill the aims and objectives of life, It helps them in self assessment
Advantages of co- curricular activities:
• Active, energetic learning and enable to develop multiple skills to students.
• Holistic development.
• Develops creativity.
• Supports students practically and professional for a better future.
• Enable the students to express themselves freely through debates.
• Inculcate the values to respects other’s view and feelings.
• It makes you perfect in decision making.
• Develop motor skills.
• Improves personal, social and emotional development
Literacy activities - Educational values, Physical Development activities - Physical, Development values, Civic Development activities – Civic values, Social Welfare activities – Social & Cultural values, Leisure time activities – Recreational & Psychological values
Importance of co- curricular activities
• Gives confidence
• Learn team sprit
• Bring positive change in the child
• Sharpen their talent
• Physically active
Leisure time activities & Creative activities: Colouring the pictures, Painting, Drawing, Drawing with numbers, alphabet, Drawing the pictures of animals, fruits, birds, vehicles, flowers, things , home needs etc.
Craft: Paper craft, Card board craft, Craft with sticks, Craft with paper plates, Craft with plastic bottles
Making: Making things with clay, Making pictures with leaves, Making pictures with thumb prints, Making pictures with cutting vegetables, Making pictures with stones, Making pictures with geometric shapes, Making toys with Waste materials
Prints: Leaf prints, Coin prints, Thread prints, Collections, Stamp collection, Coin collection, Leaf collection, Tangram

Literacy activities: Stories, Moral stories, Comic stories, Inspiration stories, Telling stories, Completion given story, Write conclusion to the story, Poems, Rhymes, Songs – writing, Solve puzzles, Role play, Draw missing part, Identification, Identify way, Identify twins, Identify shadows, Identify hidden parts / things / pictures, Identify differences given pictures
Physical Development activities: Yoga, Exercises, Games – indoor, out door, Sports
Civic Development activities
1.Dramas, 2.Actions, 3.Cultural programs, 4.Mock assembly, 5.Conducting fairs, 6.Field trips, 7.School day celebrations, 8.National festivals celebration, 9.Music, 10.Dancing, 11.Fancy dressing
Social Welfare activities
1.Gardening, 2.Decoration, 3.Rangoli, 4.Clean & green

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