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10th class Social Studies MAPPING SKILLS

Preface of the Author
             In 10th class Social Studies for getting more marks mapping skills are very helpful to you. While reading a lesson if you connect with mapping skills some questions and bits will also become very easy to answer.
                  If you practice map pointing in a certain order then it will be easy. So we have prepared this book in an order that every student can understand it.
               Special thanks to Sri K.S.Lakshmana Rao,Ex.MLC who encouraged me to prepare this book.
                                                                                                           Kurra Srinivasa Rao

This book contains....APSCERT model paper map pointing skills, India boundaries and sharing countries, nearest countries and important lines,India states and union territories capitals, India physical features, India highest peaks, plateus,plains, India rivers and projects , India sea coasts, India important cities, map reading exercise, Andhra pradesh rivers and projects, some model mapping skills questions, India outline map,practice map pointing , world map, world important countries, contenents, oceans, important lines, water bodies, Africa important countries, Asia important countries ,Europe important countries, international airports, outline world map, India information, Andhra information, abbrevations, Europe source map

Download...10th class Social Studies Mapping Skills Type-2
Download...10th class Social Studies Mapping Skills Type-1
Also...download 10th class Social Studies Map-Table-Graph-Picture based questions
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