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9th class Hindi Summative Assessment-1 objective type model papers

Summative assessment
Summative assessments are used to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a defined instructional period—typically at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year.

Merits of Objective Type Examination
1.It prevents rote memory
2.It is helpful to understand real learning standard of the students.
3.It is easy to value and has got validity
4.We can get result of students immediately.
5.It trains the students for future competitive examinations.
6.Develops creativity, reasoning, analytical ability of the students.

Internal Marks Calculation
1.20% of marks taken from internals.
2.80% of marks taken from SSC or S.A-3 examination
Internal marks can be calculated as follows:
4 Formatives @ 50 = 200 Marks
1 Summative @ 80 = 80 Marks
TOTAL 280 Marks reduced to 20.

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