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APPLICATION FOR GNANA DHARA Summer Remedial Teaching Programme

Gnana Dhara-1: (Summer Remedial Programme)
    Department of School Education has planned for summer residential camp for a duration of 30 days i.e starting from 01.05.2018 to 30.01.2018. Remedial students will be put up in hostels of identified residential institutes being run under different managements and societies of school education in A.P.
Teachers from nearby schools will be involved in the programme as remedial teachers and will work till the end of the programme in the assigned remedial centres.
     District teams of S.E Dept. will monitor the implementation of the programme and ensure the safety, security, quality food and conduct of curricular and extracurricular activities as scheduled.
State team will monitor the programme both online and offline and track the progress of the students through regular OMR evaluation of the week end tests.
There will be a grand test also at the end to know the impact of the programme and to know how many students will go in to Gnanadhara2
The subjects to be covered in Gnanadhara are:
Mathematics :All fundamentals in Maths
English         :All Language (LSRW) components and communication skills
Science         :All Basic concepts in Physical Science and Biological Science

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