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Geography For S.I, Police & Constables APPSC GROUPS

Geography For S.I, Police & Constables APPS GROUPS Note Book prepared By D.UPPALAIAH SIR

AP Police Preparation Books for Constable, SI, Home Guard,Driver and APPS GROUPS: Put your finger on any exam, preparation is the key component and in order to be efficiently prepared, one needs necessarily aids and material. These aids and materials are traditionally available in the form of books.

This book is usefull to prepare for S.I.OF Police , Constables and APPS GROUPS competitive exams.
geography is the study of Earth's landscapes, peoples, places, and environments. Since it's pretty safe to say that humans have always been curious about the world, many think geography is the oldest of all the sciences. Putting a bit more fact into this assertion, the ancient Greek scholar Eratosthenes is known as the father of geography since he's the guy who first coined the term.
As one of the broadest of all the sciences, geography takes on almost everything that concerns our world. For example, it takes a look at what our communities look like, how people's choices affect nature, Earth's physical changes, human development, and so much more!

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