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10th Class Physical Science Running Notes

10th Class Physical Science Running Notes Prepared By B. Narendra Rao, Manchiryala,Telangana.

Class Note-taking is a skill that is often not given the attention it deserves. Your notes are the backbone of your study; they summarise your learning, they inform your revision, they provide the context within which you can relate the things you have been taught.  Good study notes make study quicker, easier, and more effective.  The very act of taking notes in class already benefits your learning, and the process of organising them is study.

Don't agonise over your notes.  Just jot down whatever you think might be helpful and worry about the details later.  You shouldn't be focused on your notes when you're in class - you should be focused on your teacher, and on the discussions you and your classmates are having about the things you are learning.  If you're sitting there trying to make sure your notes are absolutely perfect, you're missing out on all that.  Just put down whatever you think is useful, then, if later on you find you missed something, that's okay; you'll have other chances to write it down in other classes, or you can ask your teacher about it next time.
Teachers are experts when it comes to communicating information; expect ideas and terminology to be mentioned many times as you learn a topic, not just once.  Take notes quickly and worry about the details later.

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