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7th Class Maths Chapter "Simple Equations" Topic wise videos

7th Class Maths Chapter "Simple Equations" Topic wise videos
A mathematical equation is an expression containing at least one variable (=unknown value) and an "equals sign" ( = ) with a mathematical expression on each side of it.[1][2][3] The equals sign says that both sides are exactly the same value. An equation can be as simple as x=0, or as hard as 4(3y^99)+76=42÷3x or harder.
There are two kinds of mathematical equations:
  • The kind of equation that is either true or false; these are also called identities. For example:
  • The kind of equation that lets you calculate the value of one or several variables. The equation is only true if the variable(s) have that value. For example:
The second kind is often used to solve problems in which you have to know the value of some variables. For example, if
The second kind of equation is used in algebra. For example, to solve the equation 2x = 8 by finding x you would follow an algebraic rule. Then you can work out that x = 4.
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