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DSC-2018 Municipality Wise Vacancy Position

DSC-2018 Municipality Wise Vacancy Position
Sub: Municipal Administration Dept - Municipal Schools - Recruitment of Teachers through DSC - 2018 - Furnishing of Vacancies - Further information called for -Submitted - Further instructions- Issued - Regarding. In continuation of this office letter 14th cited, I inform you that, in the reference 13th cited, it was informed to the Commissioner, School Education Dept., that out of 1430 no. of vacancies, 330 no. of posts of vacancies were not approved by Finance Department for notification. Hence, these 330 no. of vacancies were deducted in the SOT category and the following are the details of revised posts of vacancies. Accordingly, the same has been notified by the Government vide G.O.Ms.No.153 Finance (HR.I.P1g. & Policy) Dept., dt.19.09.2018 

2. As per the G.O.Ms.No.153 Finance (HR.I.P1g. & Policy) Dept., dt.19.09.20113 only 1100 post of different cadres were approved by the Finance Department. Out of 1430 no. of vacancies, the no. of SGT vacancies furnished to Commissioner, School Education was 1212. The reduced no. of posts by the Finance Department is 330. These 330 no. of vacancies was deducted from the SGT cadre only, leading to 882 no of vacancies of SGTs. Out of these 882 no. of SGT vacancies, 6 vacancies are backlog Urdu SGT posts (3 no. in W.G.Dist. with roaster points of PH-VH (W)-2, OC (G)-I and (2) no. in Krishna Dist with roaster points of PH-VH (W) — 2 and (I) no. in Nellore District with roaster point OC (W) — I) and remaining 876 vacancies are SGTs (Telugu). 

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