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Steps To Be Taken To Ensure The Passing of Low Proficient 10th Class Students

Steps To Be Taken To Ensure The Passing of Low Proficient 10th Class Students

• Make them awn of the Question Paper pattern, dscussing with them, which bit contains which questions and he to answer them. Make me of the previous papers for this purpose.
 • Conduct revision systematkally, going bit wise, according to the question paper pattern.
 • Form heterogeneous groups for revision and assignment tasks and monitor the gram sharing. 
• Reading comprehension is very important for a student to get a good score. Select important rearing passages from the text book and give practice with ample number of possible questions. 
• Making a list of the most important Verbs and Adverbs and teaching their meaning will also help the very low proficient students to attain tesic skills to understand the sentences. 
• In the next stage, make them practice writing or saying simple sentences using those verbs and adverbs. 

• Teach basic tenses and usage of different tenses in different situations. But do not spend much time on this. 
• Let them learn the meanings of the different questice words (What, Who, When, etc.) 
• Train them on how to understand the questions based on the key words in the given question. This way they can guess and understand the meaning of the question even though they do not know the meaning of all the wads in the question.
 • Various Answer Stems can be provided to them which help the students to begin the answer property based on the question word. Eg : 1. What is the main source of income in the hilly areas? 
Stem The main source of income in the hilly areas is .................. 
2. Why did the writer laugh loudly? 
Stem; The writer laughed loudly because................   
• Encourage them to frame simple questions based on a paragraph. The other students can a nswe these questions. Let this be a daily practice. 
• Give them practice in the reading process and meaning making of a given passage. This can be done by teaching them to guess the meaning of a sentence with the help of key words. 

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