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Centa Teaching Professionals-Olympiad-TPO-2018

Centa Teaching Professionals-Olympiad-TPO-2018
CENTA presents the fourth edition of Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO) 2018

CENTA TPO 2018 will be held on December 8, 2018 Saturday. Registration closes on November 26, 2018!
National competition for teaching professionals

  • Relevant for school teachers, principals, supplemental teachers, volunteers and fellows, B.Ed/D.Ed students and anyone interested in teaching
  • Two-hour multiple-choice objective test format, highly practice-oriented, no negative marking
  • 46 cities in India and in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • 21 subject tracks in Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary school levels
  • Primary track also available in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu language mediums
  • Each Reliance Foundation Teacher Award will include a cash prize (see below), a Jio phone and a citation.
National and Subject Toppers
  • National Ranks 1 to 5 Rs 1 lakh each
  • All Subject Toppers Rs 25,000 each
  • National Ranks 6 to 10 Rs 25,000 each
  • National Ranks 11 to 100 Rs 5,000 each
  • National Ranks up to 500, Subject Ranks up to 50 or State Ranks up to 10 Rs 2000 each
Regional and Test City Toppers 
  • All Regional Toppers (the Topper of every State or Union Territory – subject to a minimum participation number) Rs 10,000 each
  • All Test City Toppers (the Topper of each 48 test cities) Rs 5,000 each
 Special cash prizes for B.Ed. students 
  • Rank 1 Rs 1 lakh
  • Ranks 2 and 3 Rs 25,000 each
  • Ranks 4 to 30 Rs 10,000 each
*In case you are eligible for two cash awards, on account of your participation in the same subject track, you will receive only the higher one and not both.
**Reliance Foundation Teacher Awards are applicable only to winners participating in India. 
Date: December 8th, 2018 (Saturday).
Time Slots
The test is conducted in three time slots.
  • 9 AM to 11 AM
  • 12 Noon to 2 PM
  • 3 PM to 5 PM

* We allocate your preferred time slot on best effort basis. Register early to get the venue and time slot of your preference. However, some of the Subject Tracks may not be available in all the time slots (details in the registration form).
  • Registration fee: Rs 590 (inclusive of GST) per Subject Track.
  • (You can register for up to three tracks).
  • Locations: 46 Cities in India
  • Hyderabad,  Tirupati, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam.
EXAM Format:
  • Two-hour, multiple choice test, only one correct answer, no negative marking.
  • Competencies tested are based on the CENTA Standards. Only a sub-set of competencies are tested as explained in the Syllabus document.
  • Computer-based but with a very simple interface – knowledge of computers is not required.
  • Four sections, totally 64 questions, 100 marks, no section-wise time limit, questions can be attempted in any order
1. Subject Expertise: 15 questions – 25M
2. Content Development & Planning: 17 questions (subject-specific and generic) 25M
3. Student Assessment & Remediation: 12 questions (subject-specific and generic) 20M
4. Professional Competencies & Classroom Communication: 20 questions  30M
Registration closes on November 26, 2018!

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