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Ganithamitra Teacher Hand book

Why is Ganithamitra..?
              As many as we know, many children fear the mathematics. This will hinder the child's mathematical learning. Hence it is a big challenge for teachers to transform mathematics to children. The mathematical companion kit is a complementary practice that allows primary school teachers to make happy learning and imagination in their classroom.
           The theme of this program is to increase their efficiency through teacher training. The hypotheses in this are directly equivalent to the basic school mathematics curriculum designed for the 4th and 5th grade Government of the present Andhrapradesh Government. Mathematical Practice is directly linked with the National Curriculum Framework Chart (NCF-2005) and the Purpose of the Andhrapradesh State Curriculum Act (2006-07).
What's in the Ganithamitra Kit?
             This kit is easily set up in an easily configurable and handy attractive box. More durability and pedophiles of children's friends. Each teaching can be taught using different tools. Teacher pamphlet is a comprehensive pamphlet with all the hypotheses in the 4th & 5th class. This will guide you about how to use the kit.

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