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Employees Housing Policy - Allotment of land for Housing Societies in AP

Employees  Housing  Policy  - Allotment of  land  for  Housing  Societies in  AP

Employees Housing Policy - Allotment of land for Housing Societies in the
new State of Andhra Pradesh
AIM -The aim of Employees Housing Policy in the state is to facilitate own housing for the category of Government employees working in the districts.
ELIGIBILITY-The eligibility for all employees working at the Regional /District/Sub- district level:
a. All employees borne in the new A.P. State Government or allotted to the new state of A.P. and working as on date are eligible.
b. House sites will be allotted if Government land is available.
c. If Government land is not available and private land has to be acquired, land will be provided for construction of multi-storied flats.

a. Land through housing societies/ groups. Allotment will be done through House Building societies/ Groups only. Land shall not be allotted in favour of individual employees. The employees shall have to be formed into a Group or Co-operative Society for availing the facility of allotment of land for house sites/flats.
b. Minimum members. A Society or a Group shall have a minimum of 12 eligible members.
c. Affidavit. The employee concerned should apply to the respective Housing Societies/ Group with the sworn affidavit inter alia declaring that they are not owning a house or a house site either in his/her name or in the name of his/her spouse or dependent children in the Urban area/town of allotment.
d. Application submission. The District Collector shall call for details of the members, who satisfy the eligibility criteria for allotment of house sites/flats. The respective Societies shall submit the applications of each 3 of the members personally signed by them along with their sworn affidavits to the Collector & District Magistrate.
e. Applications and affidavits in public domain. District Collector shall keep the applications and sworn affidavits in the district official web-site for information of general public.
f. False declaration. If any member of the society makes a false declaration, allotment of house site/flat shall be liable for cancellation apart from the member, making such a false declaration, being liable for civil and criminal consequences.
g. Assessment of land needed. On the basis of the applications and declarations, Collector shall assess the requirement of land to be distributed as house sites/flats to the eligible members only and allot the extent of land which is necessary for such allotment to each of the Societies.
h. Pricing and allotment. The land will be provided at nominal rate as approved by Government with recommendation of AP Land Management Authority.
i. Prior membership. An employee should be a member of a Housing Society or Group. The employees, who are forming into a Society/Group are advised to complete the admission of members before making an application to the Collector. This would facilitate the Society to arrive at exact requirement of land, which can be calculated as per the eligibility criteria and make an application to Collector.
j. Leftover members. If some employees are not covered by Society, Government may allot house sites/ flats to them in next phase as and when they place their requisition before Collector through a society/Group.
k. Nodal authority
(i) The District Collector shall be the nodal authority to make the scheme operational.
(ii) He shall be competent to allot lands for housing purpose to Housing Society / Group of employees at the rates stipulated, following the procedure outlined here.
(iii) He will act as nodal agency for land procurement and also construction of flats through APTIDCO.
l. Conveyance to individual. On alienation of the Government land, the Society or Group concerned in turn shall allot individual house sites to the individual members. The title of the house site/flat shall be conveyed to the members concerned by the Society through a registered sale deed.
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