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Department realizes that teaching fraternity can play a vital role in curtailing drop outs including during the critical transitory stages from Primary School to Upper Primary School and from there to High School.
Under Vidyarthi Nestham initiative, system randomly allotted 1-5 students of Class 5 per teacher in each Govt Primary School and predicted dropouts of Class 6 – Class 9 per teacher in certain Govt Upper Primary and Govt High Schools.
Teachers will be the Vidyarthi Nesthams of each of the adopted children and will make efforts to engage with the child, their parents and keep a constant watch on the child and its family’s plans for the future of the child.

Vidyarthi Nesthams to closely begin academic mentoring and monitoring of their allotted students. They have to gather contact numbers of the parents of their assigned students, fill a report every fortnight with qualitative student and family factors observed that may eventually lead to student discontinuing in that school and record them on Mobile App created for the purpose.
On logging into the application, Vidyarthi Nesthams will find the details of students allotted to them. For predicted dropout students of Grades VI-IX, the application will show ‘key influencing factor’ under tip category in the student details as to why the student is likely to dropout. Accordingly, Vidyarthi Nesthams are expected to mentor the student and engage with their parents from time to time, fill a report every fortnight and record the qualitative reasons/remarks in the end after thorough observation.

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