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Work distribution of Teachers in Primary schools

Work distribution of Teachers in Primary schools & Primary sections in Upper Primary schools

The existing system of teacher distribution class wise was reviewed keeping in view of suggestions from teachers and it is proposed to provide subject responsibilities to the teacher instead of entire class responsibility. Following is the rationale for the subject wise distribution of teachers at Primary Level 
• Teacher selects the subject based on his ; her interest and expertise. 
• Capacity building of teacher with a focus on one or two subjects. so that he can teach the same subjects effectively for all classes. 
• Training can be focused on one or two subjects for more number of days for their capacity building instead of focusing on all the subjects in the limited period. 
• Teachers can collect subject specific TLM in a focused way in their subject. 
• Teachers can plan and take up remedial teaching to improve the basic competencies in their subjects. 
Therefore, it is proposed for adapting subject specific responsibilities to the teachers and the nature of distribution of subjects in a multi grade situation is suggested here under 

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