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How to Develop Comprehension Beginners e-book

How to Develop Comprehension Beginners e-book
In this book contains some reading text with comprehension strategies like Fill in the blanks, True or false, Choose the correct answers and comprehension questions. Mainly this book worksheets to beginners of who are in reading ability. First twelve exercises are how much the child can understand the reading text. It may help the students to attain basic Knowledge of reading comprehension , which they might have feel difficulty in English language.
After twelve exercises has given 36 comprehension worksheets which are reliable to primary students. These comprehension to explain each example with tree steps how can we improve the students. In the first step we take a sentence and to comprehension through different questions. In second and third steps to continue the text related to previous sentence. After each step there is possible questions to comprehension.
I hope this material with worksheets to enrichment of reading comprehension of the students in Government schools.
-Manohar Naidu .P, SGT, Chittoor Dt. 
How to develop comprehension Beginners e-book
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