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Work Book for 6th Class Social Studies

Work Book for 6th Class Social Studies


- This book is prepared based on the SCERT Social Studies text book for Class VI.

- In this work book every lesson prepared in two parts namely POINTS TO REMEMER and FOR PRACTICE.

- Core concepts of the lesson given in the part of “Points to Remember”.

- The “Points to Remember” part is useful to recollect the key concepts of the lesson.

- The “For Practice” part is useful as a practice aid.

- Three or four Work Sheets are given in the part of “For Practice” per every lesson.

- Mind map activity, flow chart activities, tables-based activities, Puzzle based activities are given in one or two work sheets in every lesson.

- Matching, fill in the blanks, MCQs, one word answer questions, short answer questions, essay type questions are given in one or two work sheets of every lesson.

- Interviews, Newspapers based activities, contemporary issues-based activities are given in one work sheet.

- Based on the needs of class room transactions use work book while going teaching- learning process or after teaching learning process.

- We use work book based on the concepts.

- While doing puzzle-based activities take the guidelines of the teacher.

- Follow the directions of the teacher while doing interviews, newspaper-based activities.

- This will inculcate self- learning and creative activities. These are very helpful to boost the confidence and experience.

Note to the Teachers:

Teachers only facilitate the students to do the work sheets. But not to give total support.

Teacher gives opportunity to the students to do the work sheets in the knowledge constructive approach.

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