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Handbook for Presiding Officers (P.Os) - Elections to Municipalities and Nagar Panchayats


Handbook for Presiding Officers (P.Os) - Elections to Municipalities and Nagar Panchayats 

The objective of this handbook is to provide information and guidance to perform your duties as a Presiding Officer in the best possible manner. However, this Handbook is neither as an exhaustive compendium in all aspects nor a substitute reference for the various provisions of election law related to the conduct of poll. You should, therefore, wherever necessary, refer to those legal provisions, which are reproduced in Annexure 1 [Relevant provisions of Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Act’] and Annexure 2 [Relevant provisions of A.P. Municipalities (Conduct of Election of Members) Rules, 2005, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Election Rules’].


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