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NCERT-Rapid Survey questionnaire for Online Learning for Students, Teachers and Parents


NCERT-Rapid Survey questionnaire for Online Learning for Students, Teachers and Parents

e - Content (CIET, NCERT) కొరకు అభిప్రాయ సేకరణ

RC.No : ESE02/189/2021-SCERT 03/03/2021

SUB: NCERT-Rapid Survey questionnaire for Online Learning –for Students, Teachers and Parents-instructions to District educational officers -Submitted-Reg.

REF: No.F.3-01/2020-21/CIET/DICT&TD Dated 2nd March 2021


1. In pursuance of the above subject cited the CIET, NCERT, New Delhi, has conducting a survey and created a Google link on Rapid Survey questionnaire for Online Learning separately for Students, Teachers and Parents.

2. During the pandemic situation extensive use of online transaction of teaching learning along with content has taken place and the same may continue in future as well. In this respect, it is felt that a rapid assessment may be conducted to assess the pattern of use and its associated implications if any including safety, security and well ness of stake holders.

3. For this purpose Google form has been created in Hindi and English to conduct survey to collect the data involving students, parents and teachers to make the future plan of online learning more effective. It is the basic responsibility of every teacher to fill himself/herself and also obtain the suggestions from every student and parent of their school.

4. Google form Link of Rapid Survey Questionnaire:

English Language:

Questionnaire for Students: https://forms.gle/rtEUY88WVWcgnb8d6

Questionnaire for Teachers: https://forms.gle/7ivYmthe6aj7tJiW8

Questionnaire for Parents: https://forms.gle/y6By2ZVftTJehZKJ8

Hindi Language:

Questionnaire for Students (Hindi): https://forms.gle/Mdmm7yoTM1szyUy68

Questionnaire for Teachers (Hindi): https://forms.gle/QEP9ene1yCMXZfna6

Questionnaire for Parents (Hindi): https://forms.gle/f3GpxmU3Ye7qwxj76

5. Hence the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to give wide publicity on above survey and make every teacher fill up the Google form and make the children studying in their school and their parents should fill the Google form with above link and also instruct the below mentioned SRGs that have attended and got trained in e-Content work shop to monitor and ensure every teacher, student and parent fill up the Google form in their respective districts.


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