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లీలావతీ గణితము – Lilavati, An Ancient Mathematical Treatise


లీలావతీ గణితము – Lilavati, An Ancient Mathematical Treatise


Published in 1936

Lilavati, an ancient mathematical treatise composed by Bhaskaracharya, is a work of undying interest and inspiration to all our present-day Hindu mathematicians. The position which Bhaskara occupies in the galaxy of our ancient mathematicians and astronomers is unique.

A study of old Indian mathematical books is not merely of historical interest to us. Translation of these books into our mother tongue provides us with a very useful instrument in the vernacularisation of studies in our schools and colleges. The extent of mathematical knowledge which this book displays, covers S, S.L.C. and Intermediate syllabuses and a part of the B.A., syllabus.

Mr. Krishnamurty Sastri, besides possessing an extensive and deep knowledge of the ancient mathematical and astronomical treatises, reveals a firm grip on modern mathematical books. His clear exposition and explanations make the book easily intelligible to all.

I hope that teachers and students of mathematics in our Andhra Country will read this book with profit and encourage the author to make this the beginning of a series of such books.


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