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MBNN, Phase-II – Convening Meeting On 11.10.2021 Regarding Additional Class Rooms


MBNN, Phase-II – Convening Meeting On 11.10.2021 Regarding Additional Class Rooms

Memo.No.1531562 /MBNN/2021 Date:09/10/2021

Sub: School Education – Mana Badi Nadu Nedu, Phase-II –Certain unavoidable gaps identified in the proposals received from the District officials pertaining to Additional Class rooms – Convening meeting on 11.10.2021– necessary - instructions – issued.

మన బడి నాడు నేడు ఫేజ్- 2 పై 11.10.2021 న అదనపు తరగతిగదులు గురించి మీటింగ్ వివరాలు మరియు మార్గదర్శకాలు విడుదల

Read:1. Lr.no.22030/1/2021-CW-WD&CW, Dt.07.09.2021 of the Director, Women &Development and Child Welfare Department, AP, Guntur.

2.Instructions of Director, School Education and Advisor (infra) in Video Conference held on 08.10.2021. 

1. Attention is invited to the references read above, the District Educational Officer & Additional Project coordinators, Samagra Shiksha, in the state are hereby requested to direct all the Mandal Educational Officers in the State to convene a meeting on 11.10.2021 with all the CRPs, Head Masters of primary schools, Anganwadi Supervisors and Anganwadi Teachers for finalization of additional class rooms for collocating the Anganwadi centres in the primary schools under Nadu-Nedu, Phase-II.

2. In the meeting, the following issues should be discussed:

• Verify the list of anganwadies as proposed to be moved in the premises of the existing primary schools to make them into foundation schools.

• Finalize the actual number of additional class rooms required each school wise to start the foundation schools.

• Identify and propose completion of incomplete Additional Class rooms, if any, irrespective of the scheme under which they were sanctioned.

• In case space is not available for construction of additional class rooms G+1 option should be considered after assessing the structural strength of the building.

• If any building is not suitable for G+1 construction the same should be identified and informed along with UDISE code of the school and the AWCs mapped to the school.

3. Hence, all the District Educational Officers and Additional Project coordinators, Samagra Shiksha in the State are requested to convene a meeting on 11.10.2021 with the above members and to communicate a copy of this letter to the Project Directors Women & Child Welfare Department in the Districts to depute the above members of their Department for the proposed meeting on Monday (11-10 -2021). In case one MEO is in charge of more than one mandal, a common meeting may be arranged in consultation with Women Welfare and Child Development Officers concerned. 


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