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School Education – SCERT, AP – Student Safety Guidelines


School Education – SCERT, AP – Student Safety Guidelines

Memo.Rc.No. ESE02-11/143/2020-SCERT

Dated: 11-10-2021

Sub: School Education – SCERT, AP – Student Safety Guidelines – Reg.

1. The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference cited and they are here by informed that two unfortunate incidents have taken place in the schools, one in Krishna district and another one in Prakasam district where two children lost their lives. The incidents call for a reality check of the school safety arrangements in the schools.

2. Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Principals of IASEs/CTEs/Govt. DIETs in the state are requested to give clear instructions to the respective field functionaries on the following

a. All the schools should be kept clean and tidy.

b. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued should be followed scrupulously in all the schools.

c. No students should be engaged in any manual work other than studies. d. Student Safety Guidelines shall be followed strictly and to create awareness on student safety and school safety among the students to avoid untoward incidents.

e. Every school should have its school specific safety plan and school evacuation plan.

f. Danger Symbol should be displayed in red colour on damaged and dilapidated buildings in the school premises.

g. Precautions should be taken in respect of unused and old wells existing in the school premises, duly covering with iron mesh and a danger symbol should be displayed at such places also.

h. Similar cautions should be displayed under High Tension electric lines which are passing through the school premises.

i. Every school should have First-Aid kit and to display emergency numbers such as 100, 104, 108, and other helpline numbers

j. Mid-day meal should be served in adherence to the SOP issued for MDM separately

k. To create awareness on mental health and well-being, cyber safety.

i. Every school should maintain an updated contact details list of parents/guardian of students concerned.

m. Every school should have YSR Swechha team to address the issues of adolescent girls. They should have to perform their defined duties scrupulously.

n. Girl students should be aware on DISHA mobile app and the facilities provided with respect to safety of women and girls.


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