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Mid-Day Meal Scheme – Revision of Menu


Mid-Day Meal Scheme – Revision of Menu – Measures to the taken in implementation




MDM Menu Change: Friday Menu - Hot Pongal, Sambar & Boiled Egg Instead of White Rice and Sambar w.e.f 01-03-2022

మధ్యాహ్న భోజనం మెనూ మార్పు చేస్తూ తాజాగా ఉత్తర్వులు విడుదల.. మార్చి 1వ తేదీ నుండి ప్రతి శుక్రవారం పొంగల్, సాంబారు (తెల్లన్నం బదులుగా), గుడ్లును విద్యార్థులకు అందజేయాలని తాజాగా ఆదేశాలు జారీ..

Memo.No.ESE02-27021/132/2019-MDM-CSE Dt:24/02/2022

Sub: -School Education – Mid-Day Meal Scheme – Revision of Menu – Measures to the taken in implementation – Instructions issued – Regarding

Ref: - 1. Hon’ble Chief Minister review on 03/02/2022

2. Government Orders in e-office file No. ESE02-27021/ 132/ 2019-MDM-CSE Dt:23/02/2022.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the Jagananna Gorumudda is a flagship programme aiming at enhancing enrolment, retention and attendance and simultaneously improving nutritional levels among children studying in Government, Local Body and Government-Aided primary and upper primary schools and the Centres run under Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS)/ (AIE) & NCLP schools.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister has personally reviewed the status of implementation of the program on 3rd February-2022 and directed for initiating immediate steps for supply of Hot Pongal in the existing Menu as substitute in place of White Rice for enhancing the nutritional values and variety of the Food Items for providing tastier and more nutritious menu under “Jagananna Gorumudda” to the school going children.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State are instructed to issue instructions to all the Deputy Educational Officers/ Mandal Educational Officers and Head Masters in their jurisdiction to provide Hot Pongal & sambar and eggs in Friday menu with effect from 01/03/2022 instead of supplying Cooked white Rice and sambar.

Any deviation in implementing the above instructions action will be viewed. Top priority should be given to this item of work.


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