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AP: RPS 2022 - Clearance of Suspense Accounts - Instructions


AP: RPS 2022 - Clearance of Suspense Accounts - Instructions

Memo.No: FIN02-18023/2/2022-H SEC-DTA-Part(1) Dt:19/04/2022

Sub: PS - T&A Department - RPS 2022 - Clearance of Suspense - Instructions - Reg


1. G.O.Ms.No.18 Finance (HR.V-TFR-AL-EWF) Department dated 31-01-2022

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 08-02-2022 with DTA, PAO and APCFSS officials

3. Cir.Memo.No.1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022-7, Finance (PC-TA) department, dated 20-02-2022 communicated vide FINO2-18069/37/2019-H SEC-DTA-Part (1) 20/02/2022

Attention of all the DT&AOS is invited to the subject and references cited. They are instructed to address the DDOS under their control to expedite and complete the process of clearance of suspense accounts of January-2022 salaries by 21-04-2022 by bestowing personal attention as the salaries of defaulting DDOS/TOs are proposed to be allowed only after clearing the suspense account. The latest list of such pending bills is herewith enclosed.

They are also instructed to issue similar instructions to all the STOs working under his jurisdiction.

Any deviation of the above instructions will be viewed seriously.


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