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MBNN Phase-II – Supply of Cement to Schools - Certain Instructions


MBNN Phase-II – Supply of Cement to Schools - Certain Instructions


Circular.No.1753779/MBNN/2022, Dated: 14/06/2022

Sub: MBNN Phase-II – Supply of Cement to Schools - Certain Instructions – Issued - Regarding 

For Phase-II of MBNN Program 18 Cement companies are supplying cement through YSR Nirman Portal.

During Phase-I the following difficulties cropped up during payments and supplies.

a. Supplies without indent.

b. Short supply of Cement.

c. Excess supply of Cement.

In addition to the above, cement companies have requested to permit supply of cement in multiples of 27MT (Metric Tons) and 32MT(Metric Tons) trucks. As some schools have requirement in small quantities it is proposed to setup Cement Storage Points and distribute to nearby needy schools.

1. One School in the Mandal shall be identified where Nadu-Nedu Phase-II works are taken up to supply Cement to the nearby school where the requirement of cement is very less. These Schools will be designated as Cement Stock Point School (CSPS).

2. The Mandal Engineer of the school will add the cement requirement of Cement Stock Point School (CSPS) and the schools where the requirement is less than 27 MT.

3. The Mandal Engineer will place the cement indents in multiples of 27MT and 32 MT only. The cement will be unloaded at Cement Stock Point School.

4. The cement company will raise invoice on Cement Stock Point School and the Head Master will acknowledge and process for payment.

5. After receipt of cement the Mandal Engineer will send cement to other schools from Stock Point School using TEO (material).

6. The Head Master of Cement Stock Point School will issue cement to the required schools using TEO (materials) and the same will be accounted for in the expenditure statement.

All the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators are requested to instruct the Head Masters / Mandal Engineers to follow the above instructions while lifting Cement from the School level Cement Stock Points.


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