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SE-TMF-Implementation of TMF in Schools-Transfer of TMF funds – Creation of PD Accounts


SE-TMF-Implementation of  TMF in Schools-Transfer of TMF funds – Creation of PD Accounts

Memo.No.1804208/ESE02/27021/78/2022-MDM-CSE Dt:26/09/2022

Sub:- School Education-TMF-Implementation of Toilet Maintenance Fund (TMF) in Schools-Transfer of TMF funds – Creation of PD Accounts Communicated - instructions – Issued-Regarding.

Read: -

1.G. O.Ms.No.22 School Education (Prg-1) Department, dt.12-03-21.

2.Govt. Memo No.1333540/Prog-1/2021 Edn. Dated.12-06-2021.

3. ESE02-SEDN0/1122/2022/Prog.I Dt:24.08.2022

4.Lr No. FIN02-18036/9/2020-H SEC-DTA, Dt: 13/09/2022

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is drawn to the reference 1st read above, wherein the Government have issued orders for setting up of Toilet Maintenance Fund (TMF) for maintaining clean toilets in all Govt. Schools and Junior Colleges in the state.

The District Educational Officers are further informed that, the Government in the reference 2nd read above, have created PD Accounts towards STMF/DTMF for transfer of funds under Toilet Maintenance of Fund.

Consequent on restructuring of the districts and creation of 13 new districts, vide reference 3rd read above, the Government have accorded permission to create PD Accounts in the newly formed districts, accordingly PD accounts has been created in the new districts vide reference 4th cited.

A copy of the Government orders along with reference 4th read above for the creation of PD Accounts to the newly formed districts is herewith communicated to all the District Education Officers, with instructions to take necessary action to transfer the funds (work flow) as per the above Government orders to the DTMF immediately.

These orders shall be followed scrupulously.


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