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PM SHRI – Certain Instructions for Effective Implementation of The Scheme – Proceedings and Guidelines


PM SHRI – Certain Instructions for Effective Implementation of The Scheme – Proceedings and Guidelines


Memo No. SS-15022/80/2022-SAMO-SSA 12/11/2022

Sub APSS-SIEMAT- PM SHRI – Certain Instructions for effective implementation of the scheme –Instructions- issued -Regd.


1. G.O.M.S.No.168, School Edn.Dept.Dt.19-10-2022

2. Memo No. SS-15022/80/2022-SAMO-SS, Dt. 25-10-2022

The District Educational Officers & Ex–Officio Project Coordinators, Addl.Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are informed that the Central Government has introduced a new centrally sponsored scheme of PM SHRI (PM Schools for Rising India) scheme, which was approved by the cabinet with a view to develop an understanding about the PM SHRI scheme and its components, As part of the implementation of the programme, with reference 1st and 2nd cited the state and districts have constituted committees for the effective implementation of the scheme.

Certain Guidelines for Effective implementation of Scheme

1. DEOs should act District Nodal Officer for PM SHRI schools and AMOs shall assist to DEOs for the monitoring the schools.

2. DEOs shall long in the PM SHRI Portal trough mobile number as per the manual (Annexure)

3. State has opened the portal and found that 13455 schools are identified as eligible to be selected as PM SHRI Schools based on prescribed minimum bench – marking parameters through UDISE + DATA 2021-22.

4. To issue instructions to these 13455 schools will log in the PM SHRI portal and fill the required information in the portal for approval. (Self-Apply) for participation in the Challenge Method. (Annexure).

5. Once the application is submitted by the schools, the schools that have scored minimum 70% in Urban areas and Minimum 60% in rural areas will  automatically be reflected to the login of District Nodal Officer (DNO) in the portal.

6. District Nodal Officer (DNO) to verify the schools’ details based on onsite / online inspection of details shared by the schools carefully and as per the verification protocols.

7. After proper verification at the district level, the DNO will send block wise list of short-listed schools to the State/UT along with proper justification in 100-200 words for each school (shortlisted and non-Shortlisted). The DNO to send official confirmation letter to state/ UT will recommending the list of schools in the stipulated time period.

8. The User Manual for state, district and Schools is downloaded from the portal and it will be guide to start the process.

9. As per the User Manual the State has Created Login for 13 District Educational Officers as District Nodal Officer (DNO) for start the process as per manual for approval of the schools.

10. The District Educational Officers will approve / reject the school and provide proper justification. The district will send block wise list of short listed schools to the state along with justification in 100-200 words for each school. State user may change the school list if required with proper justification and send the final List to National user.

11.To organize orientation meeting with all concerned school HMs and EMOs for explaining on PM SHRI schools, in this connection, all DEOs and APCs are directed to ensure 100% participation of schools in the PM SHRI Portal for eligible to get the status of PM SHRI Schools as per manual in the state.





Orientation to all the School Heads of AP on P.M. SHRI Registration Process on 15-11-2022



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