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Minutes of the Review Meeting held by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 03.11.2022


Minutes of the Review Meeting held by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 03.11.2022

1. There shall be only 2 semesters for both primary and high school classes. (CSE).

2. Printing and distribution of text books shall be done in advance. There shall not be any delay in distribution of text books. Academic calendar shall be inserted in all the text books. (CSE/SPD).

3. Concept of subject teachers shall be examined carefully. CSE shall discuss with secretary to HCM asap to take decision whether to implement this concept only in high schools which are mapped or in all schools from class 3onwards. Or from class 6. (CSE).

4. The conversion of SA posts and promotion should be aligned with provision of subject teachers in schools and the decision on transfer of teachers to be taken based on the need. Commissioner to discuss with secretary to HCM and finalise the same (CSE).

5. Merging of classes 3 to 5 into nearby high schools shall be taken up only with adequate infrastructure. (CSE).

6. Review shall be taken up on classroom strength. Need to put a ceiling on each class strength based on ideal numbers for effective teaching. (CSE).

7. Digitisation of classrooms shall be taken up for all the class rooms (each physical class room as a unit). The concept already discussed for high schools and primary schools shall be reviewed and if necessary, changes should be made to ensure effective use of smart TV/ IFP. IFP should be for each class room from class 6th onwards as proposed and smart TV for each 60 students for primary classes. (CSI).

8. Dates for disbursement of TABs to be finalised in consultation with CMO. (CSI).

9. Byjus content to be aligned with the latest academic year text books. (CSE).

10. Digital class rooms should be treated as the last component in Nadu-Nedu and only after completion of the same in then schools, it shall be considered as completion of nadu-nedu. (CSI).

11. Tab distribution for next academic year to be synchronised with JVK-4 (CSI).

12. Ensure that Supervisory staff (including APMs) are in place and are utilised properly. (CSE).

13. All schools proposed for CBSE affiliation shall be taken up on priority under Nadu-Nedu and infrastructure required for accreditation is created. (CSI).

14. Agreed in principle for procurement of fridges to store eggs. But need to take a call on whether to go with 3 star or 5 star rated. (Director, MDM).

15. Finalization of modifications in mid day meal menu (Director, MDM)


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