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Teach AP – Android App – App for Classroom Observations and Support to Teachers


Teach AP – Android App – App for Classroom Observations and Support to Teachers


About this app

Teach AP App is the official app of the Department of Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh for classroom observations and support to teachers.

This app is to be used by the designated Teacher Mentors to observe and record the data from classroom observations as per the TEACH Tool. Only those Teacher Mentors who got certified in the implementation of the TEACH Standardized classroom observation tool will be authorized to use this app. The data collected will be analyzed and will be used to give customized support and mentorship to the teachers at a classroom level by the Teacher Mentors. It will also enable data-based decision-making and professional development of teachers at a state level.

App Features:

-Conduct classroom observations by the teacher mentors using TEACH standardized tool

-Designated teacher mentors record the classroom observations of allocated teachers using the app

-Teacher profile that gives list of observations scheduled and planned with cumulative observation records

-Dashboard to have a glance of observation data on TEACH aspects of a list of teachers at a complex level. This will be viewed and analyzed by the teacher mentor to plan for customized teacher support at a classroom level

Continuous Teacher Professional Development:

-Teachers get individual support and mentorship based on the data collected through the classroom observations by the teacher mentors.

-Need based trainings for teachers for their professional development will be decided based on this data.

-Peer Learning Communities (PLCs) will be planned to enable teacher communities to learn collectively on the TEACH elements. 

This app is designed to create continuous support to professional development of teachers in Andhra Pradesh as part of implementation of AP SALT project in collaboration with the World Bank and Leadership For Equity.


Updated on: 4 Jan 2023

Latest Version: 4.0.5



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