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'We Love Reading' - Reading Competitions for Students, Teachers, Head Masters during Summer - 2023


'We Love Reading' - Reading competitions for Students, Teachers, Head Masters during summer - 2023


We Love Reading - Reading competitions for Students, Teachers, Head Masters, Student Teachers of DIETs, Teacher Educators, Principals of DIETs during summer – 2023


R.C.No. 30/A & I/2023, Dated:#ApprovedDate#

Sub: School Education – We Love Reading – activities suggested – reading competitions during summer-2023 – Certain instructions – issued.

Ref: This office e Proc.Rc.No.30/A & I/2022r Dated:20.02.2022.


The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and e Principals of DIETs in the state is invited to the reference cited, wherein instructions were issued for implementation of the “We Love Reading Programme” (WLRP) in a systemic transformation of all the students from non - readers to fluent readers with complete comprehension by encouraging the students to read a good number of library books during the summer vacation.

As a part of summer vacation-2023 all the students are already informed to bring books from the school library to read those books during summer holidays, after reading the books they may be exchanged those books with their friends.

As such, to encourage the reading habit among stake holders, this Department is going to conduct We Love Reading competitions” (WLRC) with students, teachers, school head masters, student teachers, teacher educators and DIET e Principals so as to adapt the encouragement of reading and will be habituated of reading for lifelong learning. A link is provided in the Annexure and to submit the activities of competitions (https://forms.gle/voBnKyqMWPM2tR1f7) and the list of activities and competitions is annexed.

Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to circulate the information of activities and competitions of “We Love Reading competitions” (WLRC) and also requested to take appropriate actions in respect of participation all students, teachers, head masters, student teachers, DIET faculty and DIET principals in the competitions.

This should be treating as very important and the instructions will be followed scrupulously with out any deviation.






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