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Telangana 10th Class Mathematics Key Concepts and Model Problems

10th Class Mathematics Revision manual Key Notes Prepared By

The Importance of Key Notes:
Many students do learn from taking notes and reviewing them. We have to follow learning techniques to remember all the important points. As we cannot hold them all in our mind, we will have to use a record to gather all the information. To record something we have to improve our listening skills. As we record something we will have to pay our attention for our work. That record can help us to recall and understand the lesson in a later time and saves our time. So it is very important to make effective notes. So it is very important to write down hints.

When we are in a classroom or in a lecture hall, we must concentrate our mind on the lesson to grab all the information and to comprehend the lesson. That kind of a concentration is built by making notes.So Note-making is very important as it involves us in the learning process. And whenever we read something we have to write down important points as we cannot hold them on mind.Making notes allows us to reduce the information in to manageable size. When we are studying for exams a lot of material has to be covered. The key points should be extracted from lecture notes and text books.It is an aid to exam revision. Making notes helps to think and understand the subject.

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