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Action Plan To Primary / UP / High Schools for 2018-19 Academic Year

Action plan to primary / UP / High schools for 2018-19 academic year

An action plan is a plan created to organize a district- or school-improvement effort. It may take the form of an internal school document or a website that can be viewed publicly. Action plans may be reviewed and revised annually—based on progress made over the course of the preceding year or to reflect evolving school goals and values—but multiyear action plans are also common.
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Action plans typically include information such as the following:
A school’s improvement goals, such as targets for improved student test performance or graduation rates
The specific actions or strategies a school will undertake to achieve its goals
The roles and responsibilities assigned to staff members
The project timeline or the deadlines to be met
The resources allocated to its execution
The milestones or growth targets expected to be achieved at specific stages of the plan’s execution
The data or other forms of evidence that will be collected for the purposes of action research or project evaluation

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