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10th Class Physical Science Exclusive Notes

10th Class Exclusive Notes For Physical Science First 5 Chapters Prepared By K.Venkataramana and G. Venkata Ramaprasad

First chapter Heat:
The heat plays major a role in our daily life. It is used for cooking food, boiling water, drying wet clothes. The heat has many usages in the industry as extracting and processing the metals from their ores, manufacture of the food items, glass , the paper , the textile, etc,. High specific heat steam is used to run the rail engine, to generate electric current by rotate propellers of steam electric generators. Due to high specific heat of the water, the water in the swimming pool remains cool in summer and the people enjoy a lot staying inside the pool. The heat is used in Heat Therapy to reduce the body pains, the joint pains.
Second Chapter:Chemical Reactions And Equations
Chemical reaction happens not just in a lab, in the world around you. Molecules combine to form new products through a chemical reaction. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, breathing are chemical reactions. Our body lives and grows by so many chemical reactions.

Thired Chapter:Reflection Of Light By Different Surfaces
Light is a valuable resource occurs in nature. It is the sole source of food generation for all living organisms on the earth. Plants depend on sunlight for their own food and animals depend on plants. Thus all the living beings are dependent on light for food.
Fourth Chapter:Acids, Bases And Salts
Introduction: In chemical compounds there are three categories acids, bases and salts. In our daily life we use acids, bases and salts for so many purposes. Frankly, our day starts with base. In the early morning we brush our teeth with tooth paste and take bath with soap which has basic property.
Fifth Chapter:Refraction oF light At Plane Surfaces
Beauty of the nature is made apparent with light and it exhibits many interesting phenomena. Many activities from our daily life are associated with refraction. You know, we able to see the objects by the properties reflection and refraction of light. The light falls on the objects, reflects from it and came to our eye and it takes refraction at our eye lens and incident on retina of our eye and makes it visible.

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