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7th Class Social Studies Useful Stories

7th Class Social Studies Useful Stories

History not only makes us understand the changes that occur in time but also tells us how these changes influence the social categories and how these changes are passed on to the next generations. History helps us to imply the historical aspects, evidences to the things unknown to our past by analyzing the information. Therefore discussion on history and understanding it can be facilitated. Thus, we know that every aspect has good and bad to it.

Widely accepted methods can be used to critically analyze the evidences and information confirming such things. That is why we should keep two aspects in view while teaching history.They are 1) Timely changes, 2) Why and how history was written in different angles.While teaching social studies balance must be maintained between local, regional, national and global aspects, whereas the local history has to be given much importance it is not included in the history fearing the domination of local categories. The time has come to step out of

such fears and let the students study the history. That way we get at opportunity to discuss historical aspects in a broader view and to discuss different social categories, relations agreements, technical aspects, culture and traditions among them from modern political, social and economic angles.
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