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e-Dant Seva Android APP

e-Dant Seva Android APP
* The first ever National Mobile App on Oral health and hygiene.
* Information on-the-go about oral health, common oral diseases and at home techniques for prevention.
* “Am I brushing the right way?” an attractive feature called Brushing Streak answers this and helps the public record everyday brushing habit and set targets for better oral health.
* Easiest way to navigate to the nearest public dental facility using the “Find your facility” feature.
* “Myth and Fact” feature aids public in clearing all the myths associated with oral health and diseases.
* “Symptom Checker”, an attractive feature of the website helps the user obtain a digital consultation for any symptom and decipher the possible conditions.
* “Let’s talk teeth” Comprehensive, scientific and authentic oral health information for public and oral health providers.
* “How Mouth Smart am I?” Encompasses attractive videos, games, posters and quizzes for easy understanding and practice of oral hygiene for prevention of the most common oral diseases.
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