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NCERT Alternative Academic Calendar for Primary, Upper Primary and Higher Secondary students

Alternative Academic Calendar

In this period of Covid-19, which is declared as a global pandemic, our teachers, parents, and students have to remain at homes to prevent its spread in the community. In this situation, it is our responsibility to provide them with multiple alternative ways of learning at home through interesting activities. It is necessary because in the present environment of stress we have to not only keep our children busy but also to maintain continuity of their learning in their new classes. In this context, NCERT has developed an Alternative Academic Calendar for all the stages of school education.
Eight Week Alternative Academic Calendar for the Primary Stage Part II
Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Primary
Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Upper Primary
Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Secondary
Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Higher Secondary
NCERT వారి ప్రత్యామ్నాయ అకడమిక్ క్యాలెండర్ ను తెలుగులోకి తర్జుమా చేయుటకు ఎంపికైన ఉపాధ్యాయుల వివరాలు వారికి కేటాయించిన పాఠ్యాంశాలు...
AP Samagra Shiksha , Amaravathi – Quality Education- Translation the Alternative Academic Calendar of NCERT calendar into Telugu version- Entrusted the work to teachers for Translation – Reg
Memo No.SS-15024/80/2020-SAMO-SSA
Dated: 09/07/2020

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