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Naadu Nedu - Transformation of Public Instructions through upgradation of Physical Infrastructure


Naadu Nedu - Transformation of Public Instructions through upgradation of Physical Infrastructure

Naadu Nedu - Transformation of Public Instructions through upgradation of Physical Infrastructure - Operation & Maintenance of Transformed Infrastructure - Preparation of SOPs - Orders – Issued. 

1. Naadu Nedu a prestigious Programme launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh with commitment to improve educational, health and nutritional outcomes of all the citizens of Andhra Pradesh. This noble vision is sought to be face-lifting all the related public instructions like educational institutions, health institutions and anganwadi centers into vibrant and competitive institutions through upgradation of physical infrastructure by actively involving all key stakeholders.

2. Government has taken up transformation of all Government Schools in the state through Upgradation of basic infrastructure comprising nine (9) components i.e., i.Toilets with running water, ii. Electrification with fans and tube lights, iii. Drinking water supply, iv.Furniture for students and staff, v. Painting to school, vi. Major and minor repairs, vii. Green chalk boards, yiii. English labs, ix. Compound walls over a period of three years.

3. Government also intends to roll out a similar Naadu-Nedu programme in all other public institutions including Intermediate Colleges, Degree Colleges, Universities, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes, and all other institutions in Education and Health sector.

4. Government has allocated necessary budget and would continue to do so in future towards the components under Naadu-Nedu. In order to ensure the most rational usage of money, Government believes in proper and continuous maintenance of this revamped infrastructure, so that the spirit behind Naadu-Nedu scheme continues to glow vibrantly and does not get waters down with the passage of time. In order to operationalize this intention, following directions are issued to all the departments who undertake activities under Naadu-Nedu:

a) A photo of the public institution before infrastructure upgradation (Naadu) and another photo of the same public institution after infrastructure upgradation (Nedu) shall be displayed prominently at a conspicuous place in its premises. This would remind the stakeholders of both the monetary and physical efforts put behind such an incredible transformation, thereby awakening a sense of responsibility for maintaining the same. While displaying such photos, flex banners shall be avoided, since they are temporary in nature.

b) A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for maintaining each component of the transformation under Naadu Nedu needs to be drawn up by the respective department owning the given public institution. A few illustrations are given below for clarifying the concept.

i. Drawing up a schedule for cleaning of toilets, displaying the schedule in the form of a tracker in the toilet itself such that every time the toilet is cleaned, the same is written or a checkbox is ticked on the tracker; in-advance procurement of sanitary materials and setting aside money for all these.

ii. Periodic checking of all the fans, tube lights by Parents Committee and getting malfunctioning ones repaired. Such SOPs shall also be displayed at prominent places in the public institution such that it acts as a tool to elicit accountability from the Head of that institution.

5. Departments of School Education/ Higher Education / Social Welfare / Tribal Welfare / Minority Welfare / Municipal Administration and Urban Development / Health and Family Welfare / Women and Child Development/ Skill Development and other related departments shall take further action in this matter.

G.O.MS.No. 62 Dated: 02-07-2021.


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