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Introducing Toy Pedagogy in Teaching Learning Practice – Certain instructions


Introducing Toy Pedagogy in Teaching Learning Practice – Certain instructions

Memo No. ESE02-22/3/2022-SCERT dated 26/02/2022

Sub: School Education – SCERT, AP – Introducing Toy Pedagogy in teaching learning practice – Certain instructions issued – Reg.

Ref: This office even proceedings dated 17.02.2022

In continuation of the orders issued in the reference cited, all the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that Toy pedagogy is being implemented in teaching learning process, a workshop is being conducted to design Toys and Games, Teachers Handbooks and making videos based on the concepts of VI and VII class textbooks of Mathematics, Physical Science, and biological Science.

Certain material has been prepared in the workshop and need more from the topics of Maths and Physical Science concepts. It is further informed that certain instructions have been given regarding conduct of National Science Day on 28th February 2022.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers are requested to instruct the District Science Officers concerned to disseminate the requested content for toy pedagogy as mentioned in the annexure along with expected outcome to all the teachers who are dealing Mathematics and Science (PS/BS) and ensure that the material shall be reached to this office on or before 10th March 2022. The best concepts will be appreciated, and the teachers concerned will be honoured by the department.


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