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FAC Arrangements to The Posts of The MEOs for Educational Mandals in The Restructured Districts


FAC Arrangements to The Posts of The MEOs for Educational Mandals in The Restructured Districts

గుంటూరు, బాపట్ల, పల్నాడు.. జిల్లాల్లో ని మండలాల పరిధిలో ఆయా జిల్లాలోని వారికే MEO ఇన్చార్జీ లు ఇస్తూ ఉత్తర్వులు

Sub: - School Education - FAC arrangements to the posts of the Mandal Educational Officers for Educational Mandals in the restructured districts in the state - Orders - Issued - Regarding.


1. G.0.Rt.No.35, Revenue (Lands-IV) Dept., Dt:25.01.2022 (Preliminary Gazette Notifications, Dated:26.01.2022 & 02.02.2022 on Restructuring/formation of districts in Andhra Pradesh)

2. G.0.Ms.No.31, Finance (HR.I-Plg&Policy) Dept., Dt:26.02.2022.

3. G.0.Rt.No.173, Revenue (Lands-IV) Dept., Dt:02.04.2022 (Final Gazette Notifications, Dated:03.04.2022 on Restructuring formation of districts in Andhra Pradesh)

4. Approval of Provisional Allocation of Posts of School Education Department (O/o. Commissioner of School Education (HOD)) issued vide G.O.Ms.No.62, Finance (HR.I-Plg&Policy) Dept., Dt:03.04.2022.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have issued the procedural guidelines

for provisional allocation of posts & personnel vide reference 2nd read above and Govt

have issued final Notification for restructuring of districts in the State vide reference 3rd

read above.

Further, the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati vide Proc. Rc.No. ESE02-11022/115/2020-EST1-CSE dated 30.03.2022 has communicated a copy of the G.0.Ms.No.31 Finance (HR.1- Plg & Policy) Dept. dated 26.02.2022 duly informed to all the District Educational officers that, the Government have issued the preliminary Gazette notifications duly notifying the proposed restructured districts and revenue divisions. Further as per the instructions of Finance dept. dated 28.03.2022, the posts & Personnel are allocated in the restructured districts.

In terms of the orders issued in the reference 1st to 4th read above, the following Full Additional Charge arrangements are hereby ordered to the post of the Mandal Educational officer of Prakasam District.

Consequently, Full Additional Charge (FAC) arrangements which were already ordered to the posts of the Mandal Educational Officers in the existing Educational Mandals in the District duly suppressing all the earlier orders, if any in the matter, With the officers specified above to this order with immediate effect until further orders.

The District Educational Officer, Concerned/ Deputy Educational Officer, Concerned are requested to take necessary further action accordingly in the matter and Submit a compliance report to this office without fail.


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